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Investing in our automatic doors will not only provide convenience and ease-of-use, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your premises, making a lasting impression on customers and visitors alike.

درب اتوماتیک آرامش
Upgrading and Retrofitting

Advancements in technology create new automatic door systems, improving security, energy efficiency, and convenience. Upgrading and retrofitting services replace outdated systems with advanced ones, reducing energy consumption and security.

شرکت درب اتوماتیک آرامش

Regular maintenance of automatic doors ensures optimal performance and prevents breakdowns. Services check sensors, motors, electrical systems, and other moving parts, while repair services fix malfunctioning or broken parts.

شرکت درب اتوماتیک آرامش

Installing automatic doors involves assembling system, sensors, motors, and components for efficient operation at designated entrances or exits.


Revolving Door

Step into a world of possibilities with the circular door


Curve Automatics Door

Don’t settle for straight. Embrace the curve with our stunning doors


Sliding Automatic doors

Slide into style and convenience with our sliding doors


Telescopic doors

Unfold limitless possibilities with our telescopic doors


Model emphasizes environmental impact reduction, social responsibility, and ethical practices in automatic door companies.

Innovation and technology value

Company prioritizes innovation, technological advancements in automatic door industry.

Customer-centric value

Model prioritizes customer experience, service, and exceeding expectations in automatic door company.

شرکت درب اتوماتیک آرامش
شرکت درب اتوماتیک آرامش

Unlocking the Future

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Unlock a world of convenience and sophistication with [Aramesh], your trusted partner in automatic door solutions. Embrace cutting-edge technology and elevate your spaces to new heights of efficiency, safety, and style.